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Shift from ‘I can’t do this to ‘I must do this.

Floren is a revolutionary feminine hygiene and wellness brand launched by Sana Garg at the age of 27 in 2021 to spread awareness and education towards menstrual and intimate hygiene. Her main motive was to break the taboo regarding intimate hygiene as many ignore and not address the menstrual hygiene related problems. She received encouragement from her husband and father-in-law which led to the start of Floren, which is into diverse intimate/hygiene products.

She completed her MBA at Punjab university and it was during her post-graduation that she came up with the idea to do something related to feminine hygiene. She has also completed the course in core sales and marketing from IIM Calcutta.

The ideation started in march 2021 to June 2021, where she did extensive research on the selection of products, the correct target audience, finance-related issues and what should go into the process of making feminine hygiene products.

It was quite challenging for her to choose the right packaging and it took almost 4-5 months for her products to be approved by Safe cosmetics from Australia. The material that goes into Floren’s products has undergone extensive research and careful selection because it will come into contact with the most intimate and sensitive part of women’s bodies.

Floren’s vision is not just to manufacture products but to also empower all the fearless women out there.

Strength comes from struggle. When you learn to see your struggles as opportunities to become stronger, better, and wiser, then you’re thinking shifts from ‘I can’t do this to ‘I must do this.

Special interview with Ms.Sana Garg

When I was completing my course from IIM Calcutta, I made various visits to the rural and semi-rural areas. I also observed that millions of girls face discomfort during periods and that this adaptation from sanitary napkins to menstrual cup has to be brought about.

International certification, premium packaging, 100% toxin free, allergy free, and tested by gynecologists makes floren a trusted brand and that is its biggest USP. We are also very passionate about putting out sustainable products.

Floren was started post covid which is why we were not impacted by the pandemic

Initially, I was pushed by my father-in-law and husband to start my own female hygiene centered brand, later on I was blessed enough to be supported by a very hardworking team.

Lack of awareness is a very big problem in India, female hygiene is still considered a very taboo topic. We wish to de- stigmatized feminine hygiene and educate the masses by holding seminars in schools and colleges, webinars and putting out informative content on various social media platforms. We have also started a campus ambassador program in various colleges to try and eradicate the issue from a root level.

We offer a wide range of products. Our intimate range includes our intimate wash, intimate oil and intimate wipes. The period care range has products like menstrual cup, menstrual cup wash and panty liners. Face razors for grooming and stand & pee along with toilet seat covers for the toilet hygiene range.

The intimate wipes have been made by keeping in mind the PH balance, skin suitability and are super safe. They are made with the goodness of Allo Vera extracts, lavender, basil leaves, coconut and Vitamin E. They are also hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

The response has been pretty satisfactory, but there is a lack of awareness regarding toilet hygiene as well. People usually find it hard to understand the usage of products like toilet seat covers and stand & pee. They are your travel essentials and we offer them in biodegradable packaging.

I strongly believe that women need to build other women up and that is exactly how we will succeed and move forward as a nation. So of course, I try to create and offer as many opportunities as I can for my fellow girl bosses by collaborating with them, especially in this line so that we can create more and more awareness and remove taboos from topics such as feminine hygiene.

If I had to give one piece of advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs in the menstrual health line, then it would be to focus on sustainability and spread as much awareness as you can.Environment is a major concern and if we do not do something about it now then it will be too late.

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