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How to become a paid member on WEI
WEI Membership

The entrepreneurial power of women can grow multi-fold when there is effective networking and collaboration. Women Entrepreneurs India is inclined to champion the cause of women in business, offers them support and networking platform, helping them support each other’s cause. We are here to help women understand their potential and help them realize their dream projects through the right mentoring and guidance.

Why should you become a member of women entrepreneurs India?

WEI aims to bring women entrepreneurs of India together on one platform to help them succeed in their own businesses. As a member, you will have opportunity to network with other women entrepreneurs, have access to up to date information, and explore innovative ways of promoting your business.

Become a Member
  • Business listing on WEI with your business search terms to gain high ranking
  • Gallery section to showcase your products/services
  • Profile picture on the home page for premium members only
  • Speaker Opportunities in WEI events
  • Speaker opportunities in Colleges/Organisations based on the requirement for excel and premium members
  • Free registration during WEI business networking sessions
  • WEI Youtube -interview
  • Access to our secret group on Fb
  • Social Media Promotion - every quarter
  • Discounted pricing during mega events - "WEI-Fa 2018 and "WEI-Con 2018
  • Special discounts during "The entrepreneur mela"- an opportunity to sell your products
  • Free one-on-one business consulting- 1hour
  • Free registration on SELLWEI - an ecommerce platform for entrepreneurs
  • Discounted pricing on digital services like website design and development, graphic design, legal services, mentoring services, funding support etc.

  • Pricing

  • Start(Per year)
  • 5K INR plus 18% GST

  • Excel(Per year)
  • 10K INR plus 18% GST

  • Evolve(Per year)
  • 15K INR plus 18% GST

    How to become a paid member on WEI?

    Please mail us your profile.

    Mail id: contact@womenentrepreneursindia.com Our team will do a basic research to verify the profile post which the profile will be featured.


  • The membership amount is non-refundable
  • It's valid for one year
  • WEI will not sell your product/service but provide you a platform in which you can connect with prospects
  • The page will be up and running once we receive all the details
  • WEI will try to bring the page to top position on Google but will not be responsible if the keywords are not gaining high ranking as Google algorithm changes often and we do not have control over it
  • If any member initiates similar group after joining here, the member will be removed officially and will be intimated to other members
  • Access to free networking events
  • Free business consulting- half an hour
  • Access to our sellers group on FB
  • Discounted pricing to become a seller on SELLWEI- an ecommerce platform to promote the products made by women entrepreneurs
  • How to become a free member on WEI? Click join us on the header and fill the details. You will be receiving event updates over email.

How we can help?

We welcome all the women entrepreneurs aboard! - Become aware of the challenges ahead of you and be better equipped to overcome them. Contact us for more details..

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