WEI Paid Membership

WEI Paid Membership Benefits

WEI is in the mission of shaping a sustainable post-COVID 19 ecosystem for women in business - Be a part of the ecosystem for women in business to experience "VOICES" –Visibility, Opportunity, Identity, Credibility, Empowerment & Sustainability. Women Entrepreneurs India is the only internationally recognized social enterprise from India featured in the 2019 Asia Pacific journal, an initiative of the Cabinet Office of Japan. Here are the benefits of becoming a registered member with WEI.

  • Personal Branding

    Isn’t it a good time to build your personal brand? You are your own brand. Build your personal brand with WEI and gain high online visibility in less than 2 weeks.

  • Product/Service Marketing Feature your unique products/services on the Top 50 curated products/services listing on WEI. We will promote your products/services in our network.

  • Live shows Live shows like online product showcases or expert talks on our social media platforms give you a wider reach and identity across the globe.

  • Video Ads Market your brand through our live video advertisements during our virtual events and leverage WEI's global network to find your target customers.

  • Speaker Opportunities Empower yourself by showcasing your skills with WEI's speaker opportunities and let the world know your journey to success.

  • ExhibitionsTake part in Sellwei exhibitions to enjoy monopoly(only unique stalls and no competition amongst the stall owners). Discounted pricing for members.

  • Networking Opportunities Participate in WEI's local networking meetings and connect with like-minded individuals and prospects for your business. Collaborate and take your business to the next level.

  • Discounted Pricing Avail a discounted pricing on WEI's services like Business registration, Trademark, Website,Digital Marketing, Legal, etc.,.

For Membership Pricing WhatsApp 9952013800

Only Business owners of the organization or individuals who have paid for the membership have access and not the employees. However, a representative can be deputed with prior consent in case the business owner is unable to take part in the networking meetings.

Currently, we do not have that option, however, you can avail a free half an hour product showcase session on our Facebook group.

We organize one networking meet every 3 months once in each city provided there is a minimum registration. Currently, we are hosting virtual events only.

We host knowledge and skill workshops for women in business. Registered members will get discounts during such events.

No. We implement the strategies suggested by google to promote our member's pages on google and try to bring the search terms or keywords to top ranking on search engine result pages.

Membership agreement and terms will be mailed as soon as we receive your request.

Please mail your interest to contact@womenentrepreneursindia.com and our representative will contact you soon.

WhatsApp : 9952013800.

How we can help?

We welcome all the women entrepreneurs aboard! - Become aware of the challenges ahead of you and be better equipped to overcome them. Contact us for more details..

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