Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Women Entrepreneurs India welcomes you to browse through their website: www.womenentrepreneursindia.com and encourage you to go through their Terms & Conditions to help you to further understand their commitment and main purpose. WEI respects the privacy of their members and users with a view to safeguarding all information that is sensitive and personal.

The Purpose Of WEI

WEI has focused their sights on promoting women entrepreneurs and building their businesses. The company has built a foundation for educating, networking and empowering women in a gamut of businesses. WEI has crafted an innovative platform whereby women can start, run and expand their business. WEI has mentorship and training programs for up and coming women entrepreneursalong with awareness, development, professional advice, interchange of ideas and support in marketing.

WEI invites women from all segments of life to join their organization and impact their businesses with powerful tools, connections and influential contacts that would promote an enterprise. Many focused events have been conducted to empower women entrepreneurs and leverage networking access.WEI identifies the potential in an individual and promotes their entrepreneurial growth with masterful offline and online tools besides providing keen insight, training and nurturing of chosen fields of business.

WEI does not share, sell or rent any personal information. WEI will request for contact and demographic information for business purposes only. There will be no transaction without prior permission from any member. WEI suggests that if there are any potential members less than 18 years of age wishing to succeed in their venture/s, it is necessary for the parent/s or guardian/s to give permission to accomplish the same.

The terms and conditions listed in the intellectual property of www.womenentrepreneursindia.com concerns all activities in this website including the pages, databases of members, blogs, event announcements and services. WEI is at liberty to amend any of its terms and conditions from time to time.WEI is not associated with any other women entrepreneur organization. Any similar propositions and solicitations can be brought to the notice of the committee at: womenentrepreneursindia1@gmail.com.

By using of the website and its services, the users warranty that they will abide by the terms and that they have read and understood them. As part of the membership terms, the fee concerning membership cannot be withdrawn or reimbursed at any given point of time. WEI will utilize a secure mode through --- to ensure the highest degree of protection for its users so that transmission of personal and sensitive data can be secured. WEI will not store any information relating to credit/debit cards. WEI will store only data that is necessary relating to contact info so that technical support can be rendered to provide upgrades in products and announcements.

Cancellation Options

Women Entrepreneurs India offers instructions on how to opt out of any communications through their Web page or email. The messages sent by WEI display instructions that show options on whether their users can retain or opt out of any of the electronic mailings.

  • Dedicated Team
  • Best Advisors & Mentors
  • 24/7 Support

To harness the power of women entrepreneurs, while providing a structured and supportive network for conducting business, showcasing their talents and strengths, building business opportunities, and offering mentoring services to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

02 Our Mission

Provide a forum for women entrepreneurs to grow professionally through networking and educational opportunities

Improve the visibility of women run enterprises through innovative techniques of online marketing

Encourage women to share resources, best practices and experiences to inspire more successes

Create peer support for women entrepreneurs in varied businesses


WEI renders support to members and leverages their entrepreneurial standing with effective contacts and mentorship. With an inclusion fee as entry into their membership area, the organization does not allow withdrawal or cancellation of the same. The membership benefits include mentorship, related meetings, events and contacts to help the entrepreneur grow professionally and socially.


The Proprietary Information of Women Entrepreneurs India has been protected by a Copyright and Trademark according to the Indian law. Any misappropriation of its rights and Proprietary Information will be an infringement and result in a criminal or civil liability.

An initiative towards women empowerment

Women Empowerment

Empowering women to build stronger economies

Empowering Rural Women

Empowering rural women to fulfill the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals

Empowering Youth

Empowering youth to improve their livelihood through skill development training and revenue generation activities

Empowering Women

Women Empowerment is the need of the hour

Why Us?

  • Women Entrepreneurs India advocates the basic cause of women empowerment and sustained business intelligence
  • Women Entrepreneurs India supports women dynamism and helps them break away from the beaten track of routine pressures
  • Women Entrepreneurs India educates and trains women to adapt to various skills that help them showcase their business traits better
  • Women Entrepreneurs India offers mentorship to support their quest for economic independence
  • Women Entrepreneurs India endeavors to propel women’s contribution to national economy by exploring new avenues of economic participation
  • Women Entrepreneurs India supports women entrepreneurs to inspire and support each other
  • Women Entrepreneurs India strives to help women to identify their potential in business
  • Women Entrepreneurs India helps start-up and budding women entrepreneurial ventures
  • Women Entrepreneurs India provides expert insight on various processes relating to business
  • Women Entrepreneurs India offers online and offline marketing support for nascent businesses
  • Women Entrepreneurs India provides a wide network of entrepreneurial women from various business verticals