WEI 360

WEI 360 brings together the views of renowned icons in the field of entrepreneurship through exclusive interviews. This magazine helps its readers move closer to their dreams through affluent mentorship and idea generation.

WEI 360 is created for the modern woman who has unwavering respect for her talents and seeks to achieve something through her own might. The first issue will be released on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8th, 2022, amidst much fanfare of aspiring women entrepreneurs at one of WEI’s thoroughly acclaimed network connect event.

Women entrepreneurs can now look forward to reading various articles related to business development, client acquisition and retention, and many interesting tips and tricks of the trade. WEI360 plans to publish the stories of various women entrepreneurs, which inspire thousands of others waiting take the first step into entrepreneurship. Know the latest developments in the business world and how they could influence the face of business locally and internationally through carefully selected news and events in WEI360.

WEI360 promises to continuously push itself to deliver the most useful content in the world of women entrepreneurship. The focus is always on offering a developmental and mentoring platform for those women who are trying hard to understand the nuances of business. Be it the availability of funding avenues or skill development programs, WEI 360 aims to keep the women entrepreneurs always updated.

The first issue will be released on March 8th 2022

WEI360 is gearing up to be the most informative source for all women entrepreneurs in India. Readers can also expect to read about analysis of their business strategies in this magazine. Experts will suggest remedies and strategy paradigms for a successful business venture. This magazine hopes to appeal to all women irrespective of their industry or business platform.


WEI360 will be available as an online magazine, and will be published on paper by demand. Readers can find interesting blogs and articles about the most innovative and inspiring start up ideas, success stories and business analytics on WEI360. Women can expect to see a new dimension through this magazine, which seeks to revolutionize the world of women entrepreneurship.