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Set Up a Manufacturing Unit
Set Up a Manufacturing Unit
March 21st, 2017/ Set Up a Manufacturing Unit

’’Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.’’

Be it the medical industry that heals or the agricultural industry that feeds, manufacturing units are the ones that indirectly run the country by working behind these industries. Ideally, to set up a manufacturing it is critical to weigh the opportunities and threats that this sector offers. The first step in manufacturing would include purchasing the land, the necessary machinery, the supply of raw materials, a range of licenses and other connections for water, electricity etc., this first step in itself would look like a huge milestone to cross but modern accessibility has made it easier.

Steps To Set Up a Manufacturing Unit
  • The setting up processes can be handled a lot easier if you manage to buy a sick company and make your customized changes. In a sick company, the basic commodities and licenses would already be available for which making necessary changes are easier. But then not all aspiring individuals get the exact sick manufacturing unit fitting their needs.
  • Thanks to the startup wave that has caught up around the world, we can easily find access to a lot of things we previously didn’t. Numerous investors and even Governments lend helping hands to initiate the setup of your product unit. This would help a lot with the financial aid for your manufacturing unit. The Government of India also offers financial support by means of other schemes like Startup India, Sidbi, etc.
  • Due to the demands of generating jobs and empowering young minds, the once, difficult jobs of registering your company is just a click away. In India, the quick registration process of registration of the company only requires your Aadhar ID and the rest is processed online.
    Due to the demands of generating jobs and empowering young minds, the once, difficult jobs of registering your company is just a click away. In India, the quick registration process of registration of the company only requires your Aadhar ID and the rest is processed online.
  • An MSME certificate benefits you by various allowances in the priority sector lending, slashed loan interests, exemptions under tax laws, government clearances on environmental issues, etc. Many other registrations like DIC, MSME, SSI, and IEC are important and come with benefits but thankfully most of these can be registered through the Udhyog aadhar scheme following the previous link itself.
  • Consultancy services that help in mustering information regarding customized business opinions can also be sought after for help. These institutions provide complete support and analysis for your manufacturing business venture sparing you the much feared initial steps.
  • Once you have made all your proceedings legal, it is easier to establish partnerships with authentic paperwork and get your manufacturing unit running with employees.
  • Choosing the location of the unit is as important as finding an apartment for you to stay in. Setting up the unit in an industrial neighborhood with suppliers and workforce nearby could be a plus. Storage and availability of prime important facilities are also of prime importance.
  • Learning the art of manufacturing or managing manufacturing sectors needs to be inseparably cultivated in the being of who you are. Slow steps are steady but it’s important you learn how to make the small steps matter.
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