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Internationally recognised Social Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker

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Greetings from Women Entrepreneurs India!

"Never give up on a dream even if the progress is slow" -Mahalakshmi Saravanan,Internationally recognised Social Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker.

Together, we are going through a truly unprecedented situation. Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus, either directly or indirectly. Our prayers to those who are sick and we wish them a speedy recovery. WEI salutes all the doctors, Healthcare Professionals & front line Workers for their tireless service in fighting the dreaded COVID-19 and helping the emotionally drained people.

Entrepreneurs especially, women are more affected than men during this pandemic. We, Women Entrepreneurs India as an internationally recognised organization would like to support and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to launch a new business and existing business owners to scale up their business.

There is an entrepreneurial surge amongst women entrepreneurs during this pandemic and women entrepreneurs are coming forward in India but they definitely need mentoring support from experts to sustain the business. Here is where Women Entrepreneurs India plays an important role to handhold entrepreneurs in every stage of their business.

Prepare yourself for the challenges ahead and don't stop yourself from becoming an empowered individual.

"Think of the last time you felt truly alive. Do more of that". -Mahalakshmi Saravanan,Internationally recognised Social Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker.

The Success Stories

Women entrepreneurs can collaborate, share best practices, expand their horizons and create a powerful network of businesses.

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Girija Ravichandran
Stay the Path
Career guidance Counsellor
Company Registration
Srividhya Seshadri
Jwala corpserv
Business Advisory Services
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Sowmya & Aarti
Science Alive India
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Gunjan Katyal
The Bliss From Within
Tranformation Life Coach

Live Events by WEI

Informative and livestream shopping events

Let's build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem for women in business

WEI & Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi college of Arts & Science
An opportunity for aspiring student entrepreneurs
"How to start a business in the midst of a pandemic?
By Mahalakshmi Saravanan, Founder,WEI
Women Entrepreneurs India - A guide.
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What we do?

WEI educates,supports and motivates women entrepreneurs all over India, through innovative business ideas, startup funding avenues, marketing support and mentor connects.

WEI offers a platform for women entrepreneurs to increase their online visibility,share experiences, information and support each other to achieve success.

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’’Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Brand Partners

Here are the brands with which we are associated.

We strongy value co-creation in promoting entrepreneurship.

A unique marketplace for curated products

A marketplace which supports products made by women entrepreneurs

  • Launching soon..
  • Kidpreneurs India
    Igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship in children

    A platform to motivate children to learn new skills through experiential learning

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  • Ameyaa Media
    360 degree media solutions for brands

    Brand building and management with expert support and guidance

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  • The idea behind organising virtual events is to help nurture and learn the nuances of the ever-changing market through elite practices and novel ideas. Our organisation aims to provide a wide sphere of opportunities through our sessions where industry experts share their experience along with rendering commercial and legal guidance.

    Women Entrepreneurs India spearheads a multitude of online events that elevate and motivate the essence of entrepreneurship and enhance their business image and branding.

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    Personalised gifts market is growing rapidly in India, as they add a personal touch to any gift. These gifts are creative and unique, adding to the delight of the recipient. There is definitely no dearth of creativity and artistry among people, with many options and resources available. Personalised gifts business can be started as a small or large business according to your ideas, budget and convenience.

    Jan 2, 2021

    Bakery business is one of the largest food processing industry. Bakery products are popular in all parts of the country. The business is very lucrative as one can start with it by just renting a space. Choosing the correct product and right marketing strategy are the key factors of this business.Choose your products, as per your financial capabilities and demand aspects.

    Oct 5, 2021

    Sacrificing your career for the sake of your children is something invaluable. Nevertheless, deep down inside at some corner of your heart you always wish that you can regain your professional life and put your life back on track.For those women who are planning to initiate their entrepreneurial journey and have no clue as what of business can be started right at home, this article is sure to guide you.

    Nov 27 2020
    How to register a company in India

    Registration or incorporation is the first and foremost step in order to start up a business to run it legally. Registering a company is not an easy job and there exist several rules and regulations that one need to follow and adhere to in order to get registered in official records of Ministry of Corporate affairs.

    Jan 7th,2017
    How to Promote Your Business Online

    Promoting a business online is no longer an option- it’s a necessity now, it’s another important way of doing business.Going with the pace of time, online business might become the only option of doing business or the only option which people would prefer for trade and commerce.

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    Bootstrap Funding

    Wondering what the term actually refers to in the field of financing? Well the business dictionary defines boot strapping as follows “It is basically a type of business funding that does not depend on outside investors or outside banks for debt.

    Jan 10th,2017

    Sacrificing your career for the sake of your children is something invaluable. Nevertheless, deep down inside at some corner of your heart you always wish that you can regain your professional life and put your life back on trac

    Jan 12th, 2017

    The empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description ----- Steve Maraboli. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rightly stated – “To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves”.

    Jan 18th, 2017

    It is a widely known universal truth that for any small or large scale business to emerge successful you need a strong client base that constantly expands.With technology revolutions taking place at every minute, the power of the internet is extraordinary and extremely advantageous for entrepreneurs.

    Jan 22nd,2017
    Pickle Manufacturing Unit

    Have you ever thought of not buying overpriced and underweighted pickles from your grocery store and even realized that the making isn’t that difficult? Now if you’ve had such a thought then the execution is never a dream, start one of your own for and earn money!

    March 22nd, 2017
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