Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Sellwei Virtual Exhibition 7th edition - Live Stream Shopping III

Women Entrepreneurs India hosts e-Launch of WEI in Mumbai & Pune on 19th Nov to commemorate the international Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. This event is to recognise the power of womanhood and celebrate their entrepreneurial talents at the 7th edition of Sellwei, an e-commerce platform for women to sell their unique products. Why delay when you can shop away on our live-stream III which will showcase curated products from select women in business across India?!

Live stream link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYmzkFp21zpVCaMVvW99YmQ/ . Please click the link and subscribe to receive a notification.

To participate in the exhibition ct 9952013800 https://www.womenentrepreneursindia.com/dist/sellwei

Women Entrepreneurs India is the only internationally recognized social enterprise from India featured in the 2019 Asia Pacific journal, an initiative of the Cabinet Office of Japan.

WEI is in the mission of shaping a sustainable post-COVID 19 ecosystem for women in business - Join WEI to experience "VOICES" –Visibility, Opportunity, Ingenuity, Credibility, Empowerment & Sustainability.

Event details: You can pre-order products from https://www.facebook.com/WomenEntrepreneursIndiaNetwork

If you always wanted to buy something unique then don’t miss this opportunity. This is your one shot stop to choose from a variety of unique collections!

For more details Ct:9952013800

About Sellwei: Sellwei, an initiative of Women Entrepreneurs India is an exclusive marketplace for women entrepreneurs across the country to sell their products with wider visibility. Sellwei enables women to showcase their products and service across the globe, which expands their arena of business to wider target audience.

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About us

Women Entrepreneurs India is an independent initiative established with a social perspective in order to help women entrepreneurs grow in their fields of expertise. The organization was established in 2013 by Mahalakshmi Saravanan and has been providing compete support to women entrepreneurs. It facilitates training programs; education on new venture financial avenues, feasibility and enterprise benefits; motivation; encouraging innovative business ideas; support on product and services marketing and provides mentorship.

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