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Shama's words

  • Every woman should be financially independent

Shama Asaf is an Interior Designer. She is socially active. She is a passionate entrepreneur with a never give up attitude . She started making handmade organic products which were accepted and appreciated. She loves to network with mentors, entrepreneurs and investors. She is keen on working on the upliftment of Women. She has developed her own line of products. She has partnered with her sister with an objective of expanding the business together and getting the products exported.

She is determined to set an example for women who have the potential but not the opportunity. She and her sister believe that every woman should be financially independent. She stands as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

"SIAZ organic care's mission is to make their products widely and easily available to their costumers. Siaz wants to help them feel beautiful, healthy and confident."

Vision - β€œTo be one of the leading brands for providing the finest quality of Organic Hair and skin care products.”

Special interview with Mrs.Shama Asaf

My first business idea was to Start selling the Products that I made for my use. Then I started giving the Products to others and encouraged by the response, started selling.

The Main challenge was to adjust to the conditions in India after having moved base from the U.A.E and commencing to launch the product in India.

The Journey started with experimenting the Products on self and improved continuously by taking feedback from others who used our Products. Products are 100% organic made with natural & hand-picked ingredients with attention paid to thorough hygiene & safety.

We market our Products through Instagram and word of Mouth.

Yes, it was impacted during the pandemic as we had difficulty in sourcing ingredients. However, as the demand for our product was good,we were able to sustain.

I try to learn something new everyday and keep myself socially active.

The Best Advice I ever took is to use the Products that I make before selling it to the Customers.

I will advice the upcoming entrepreneurs not to be discouraged by setbacks and negative feedbacks and concentrate on improving the products and moving forward with an attitude of not giving up.

Featured Entrepreneur of the month

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